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Directly from the field: A campaign to avoid conflict between sedentary farmers and agro-pastoralists in Togo

VSF- Suisse, 03.04.2019


In Togo, transhumant agro-pastoralists from neighbouring countries like Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali and Nigeria, are officially allowed to enter the country every year from 31 January to 31 May. These groups have been moving from the Sahel countries to Togo for about 35 years in order to spend the dry season there. Due to climate change and recurring droughts in the Sahel, all transhumant peoples in the region are increasingly affected by drought. As a result, the groups of animals and people migrating south to the coastal countries – including Togo – have gotten larger.


VSF-Suisse supports villages and communities living near the protected area of the Abdoulaye forest in Togo in the management of natural resources and the reduction of conflicts with transhumant groups. As part of our ongoing project APFA, committees consisting of sedentary farmers, transhumant agro-pastoralists and forest wardens from the Abdoulaye forest have been established and trained. Their task is to prevent conflict. To do so, transhumance corridors were built around the Abdoulaye forest for example. Such corridors provide a safe path for agro-pastoralists around the land of locals and their livestock and guarantee the intactness of the sedentary farmers’ agricultural land at the same time. In addition, the different groups were provided with watering places and trained on possible problems. This way, the risk of conflicts breaking out can be reduced drastically.


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